The Franklin Noon Rotary Foundation

The Franklin Noon Rotary Foundation is the charitable arm of the Franklin Noon Rotary Club. This 501c3 organization carries on a tradition spanning over 60 years. One of the club's first actions was the creation of the Franklin Rodeo. The rodeo has grown into an impressively large community event and charity fundraiser. Through charitable giving, which totals in the millions, thousands of people have been helped. This money has taken the form of college scholarships, books, medical education, health care, band uniforms, help for the mentally and physically handicapped, support of exchange students, construction of park facilities, donations to local charities, Polio Plus and many more worthwhile projects. In addition to the monies raised at the Franklin Rodeo every year the Franklin Noon Rotary Foundation receives charitable gifts from companies large and small as well as organizations and individuals to further their mission of "Service Above Self." If you would like to find out more about supporting The Foundation email us at:

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