Presidents Message                     John Mark Tumblin

Franklin Noon Rotary doesn’t happen without all the giants among us and with more than 145 active members Franklin Noon Rotarians are always there when there is a need.

We live in a time of unparalleled challenge for all of us. But as Rotarians we find opportunity for new, meaningful ways to lead individuals and communities to connect and do good in the community and throughout the world. We have never been prouder to be part of an organization that does so much to protect and strengthen our communities, at home and across the globe.

While this latest crisis is serious, we know that this challenge is brief. We will get through this by working together and by taking care of each other-just what Franklin Noon Rotary Members do. By focusing on each other, by tending to our communities’ needs, by helping our brothers and sisters there are no politics, there is no conflict and if we live by the FOUR WAY test there is absolutely no reason to protest.

BEST YEAR EVER. 2020-2021 will be our Best Year Ever. When life requires extra effort, when you must focus on what must be done not what is done, it might be easy to say this will be the Best Ever. I will guarantee you every person here is looking forward to the Best Ever Rodeo, BBQ festival, Foundation Grants, Community involvement year ever.

ONE MORE KINDNESS DELIVERED. This year Franklin Noon Rotary will be more involved directly in our community. We have lots of opportunity in our community, our town, our area to be more involved. We will work with our community leaders to be more informed and more hands on involved in the difference we can make in our own community. Where Franklin Rotary at Noon can be effective, we will be. If we serve one, we will serve many.

Service Above Self
True Leadership is Servanthood. When we focus on serving others, we don’t have time for foolishness. We have been leaders in our community for 72 years, and in times like these there is a call for leadership. But this is what we do, this is who we are, we are the giants that lay the foundation for next… In many ways, this also is our time to set the example. We are known for our abilities to reach out and work in partnership to offer immediate help to people in need. These are precisely the skills needed all over the world today. These are the skills we live. Franklin Noon Rotary.

We invite you to join our club of working Rotary Strong. We meet at 11:30 Thursday during Covid at Party Fowl Cool Springs and at Williamson County Enrichment Center at 110 Everbright Dr., Franklin TN 37064 after we return to normal.

Best Year Ever, One more kindness delivered, Service Above Self.
Always at your service,

Mark Tumblin
President, Franklin Noon Rotary

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